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The Primavista has made a tremendous difference to my life as a musician: finally I have good lighting for reading music! The Primavista is the perfect remedy for poorly lit concert venues and churches.

I often use the Primavista with my string quartet: all the audience sees is an elegant black strip that emits a cascade of light. It does not obstruct my contact with my colleagues or our ability to play well together: we can see each other clearly as the lamp bar is extremely slim and unobtrusive. The simple daisy-chain system of electric cables connecting lamp to lamp avoids the usual tangled mess of cables. I also use the Primavista at home: the optimal light quality makes studying a real pleasure. In orchestras it is so convenient, I just plug my Primavista into my neighbour’s lamp. I can’t do without it!


Franc Polman, concertmaster Eik en Linde baroque orchestra, violinist Schuppanzigh Quartett and Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century


This is the ideal stand lamp! It casts an even, clear light that powerfully illuminates every last detail!

The stand lamp is easy to mount securely on all kinds of stands. The construction is remarkably stable, the lamp doesn’t wobble and the light is constant and unwavering. It is possible to adjust the angle of the lamp in such a way that everything is evenly well-lit, whatever the size of the music - there are no more shadowy patches or corners… In my experience it works well with all kinds of paper and colours – every detail is easy to read, also the pencil markings!

However, besides being practical, this lamp is also strikingly elegant and pleasing to the eye. It has a lightweight construction and its appealing design is extremely graceful and minimalist in appearance.

Thanks again, and best wishes,


Katharina Schönberg, violinist Het Balletorkest


As a musician of advancing years, I struggled with cumbersome stand lamps that are too heavy and do not provide sufficient light. Happily, I discovered Jan’s Primavista lamps! Using them in conjunction with appropriately adjusted reading glasses (a reading distance of 85 cm) has solved all my music-reading problems.

The lamps are so wonderfully lightweight; this makes it very easy to transport them, also in large numbers. So they are a must-have for ensembles, certainly for mine.


Freek Borstlap, gambist and artistic director The Spirit of Gambo


Now the realisation hits me, that my colleagues and I have spent years futilely struggling with poor lighting, tangled cables, drained batteries, etc during our ‘mobile’ performances...

For suddenly there it was – revealed to us like a jack-in-the-box – the Primavista created by our much-esteemed musical colleague Jan Insinger.

No more hassle: just crystal clear lighting that is also extremely user-friendly.

I can highly recommend it!


Wouter Schmidt, violinist and violist

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I often used to bring my own lamp with me to concerts in churches or castle halls. For years I had problems with using a standing lamp positioned next to my instrument, which shone in the eyes of the audience. Those days are over. The Primavista is so light that it can be safely attached to a fortepiano’s fragile music stand. This stand lamp is a real MUST!!! for all fortepianists and keyboard players!! 


Riko Fukuda, fortepianist


This lamp is top of the range:

'Primavista, at last a genuine solution for the many concerts given in dimly lit venues. Simple to use, with superior results.'


Kees Koelmans, teacher Conservatorium van Amsterdam, violinist Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century


Primavista is a fantastic lamp that has been thoughtfully conceived down to the last detail. The efficient lamp-to-lamp cable system, the ease with which they can be securely clamped onto a folding stand, and the breadth and superior quality of the light is a winning combination. I am no longer willing to settle for anything less!


Heleen Hulst, violinist Nieuw Amsterdams Peil and the Van Swieten Society


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The lamps are ideal for us, because they radiate a wide field of even light that is not tiring on the eyes.

All the audience sees is beautifully designed, sleek lamps whose light is unobtrusive and does not shine in their eyes. The daisy-chain cable system connecting lamp to lamp is ideal, simple and quick to set up. We are very satisfied with them.


Bart van Oort, fortepianist, teacher Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, founder of the Van Swieten Society


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Dear Jan,

In 75 years of violin playing I have never encountered lighting of such clarity and fine quality. Many thanks for your ingenuity.


Marta Stapert, seasoned amateur violinist


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A colleague loaned me an elegant Primavista lamp last year and I was immediately convinced of its greatness. It was like no other music lamp I'd encountered: it provides strong light over the entire score that is a warm and friendly color, not cold-looking. It's lightweight, attaches to the music desk easily, comes with a long cable, and even if you drop it, it keeps on working! The neck is flexible so the lamp fits easily in a small bag (carry on size!) and can go with you everywhere. I was so pleased with the lamp that I ordered a second one for teaching. My students love it, and my colleagues always want to know where I got it. Dealing with Jan Insinger has been very easy - he answers queries immediately, ships just as quickly, and seems as warm and friendly as his lamps. Thank you!

Marcia Hadjimarkos, fortepiano and harpsichord player


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The lamps are fantastic. Very good light, I like the dimming function. Even 3 pages on the music stand are easy to read. And they don´t blind other people, sitting opposite or next to me.

Michael Brüssing, Esterházy ensemble


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They arrived today.

I don't think I've ever seen anything so well-designed.

Thanks man.

Mark Wilkes - Ireland


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The lamps are really magnificent: bright light over the whole width with no dazzling the audience or the player, absolut solid mounting, very smart looking - best lamps ever!

Stephen Ristau - München

Diogenes Quartett