In order to use the Primavista when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, we offer the option to connect the stand lamp to a USB port using a special cable.  A 25,800 mAh power bank provides a minimum of 6.5 hours of light that is bright the entire time!

How does it work:

- At a minimum, you will need the special Primavista step-up cable which converts the 5 volt from the USB to the 24 volt needed by the lamp.  With this, you will receive 2 strong elastic bands which you can use to attach the power bank to the music stand.  The cable is available in 2 lengths: 80 cm and 130 cm.  If you always play seated, then the 80 cm cable is sufficient (and you avoid having extra cable which you would need to place out of sight).  If you also play standing up, then choose the 130 cm cable.

- You can use your own power bank, provided it can supply 2 ampères.  This should be listed somewhere on the power bank.  For every 10,000 mAh capacity of the power bank the lamp will light for at least 3 hours.  When using a lamp with a dimmer at the dimmed setting, it will work even longer!

- In our webshop you can also order an excellent and affordable power bank.  It has 25,800 mAh storage capacity, which will provide at least 6,5 hours of lamp use.  This power bank also has an extra USB port, which allows you to charge your phone while you play!  (Of course this will reduce the time the lamp will work).  Included with the power bank is a very short charging cable which can be plugged into the USB port of a power source.

- If you would like to purchase a power bank charger with a longer cable, you can find this in our webshop. Very handy!

PLEASE NOTE: The power bank will provide power to only one lamp. It is not possible to connect more than one lamp (even using interconnection cables) to a single power bank.




Customers often think that it should be possible to operate the lamp on a few AA batteries. Unfortunately the Primavista cannot avoid the laws of nature. More light means that more electricity is needed to power it. While the LED light source is currently the most economical option available, the amount of light the Primavista emits, as well as the colour temperature of the light, are the reasons that the Primavista uses more electricity than lamps of other brands that use a built-in battery compartment. Those lamps emit a weaker, bluish light because of their low level of electrical power.

However, a benefit of attaching the power bank to the lower end of your music stand would be increased stability! A heavy music book will no longer cause a problem.