About the eye

After age 50, most people suddenly find it more difficult to read the music. There are two reasons for this: the ability of your eyes to focus gradually diminishes with age (reading glasses) and the retina also needs more light in order to be able to provide the brain with information. However, both of these factors can influence each other: if your glasses are not adjusted to enable you to read music from a greater distance (for instance, if you share a stand with a partner), good lighting can compensate for this. After all, when there is a lot of light, the pupil becomes smaller and as a result of this the depth of focus (the area that you experience as being sharply in focus) becomes larger. We see the same principle in operation when taking a photograph with a camera. Consequently, thanks to the music being well-lit, we can see every detail clearly in focus! Everyone who plays music using Primavista stand lamps reports feeling less tired after a rehearsal or concert than otherwise. Musicians also notice that they simply play better, because they no longer lose energy straining their eyes, trying to decipher the notes!

Here you can see the difference between the light provided by the Primavista (left) and that of another popular stand lamp with 11 LEDs, which can also be powered by battery. The music is printed on off-white paper. Clearly the Primavista emits much more light, which also has a much more natural colour. Incidentally, in this case the other lamp was connected to the main power supply, so the result was not influenced by the batteries running down!